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1. “If our potential customers looked at their business in the way you have showed us today, it would help them to decide what makes good business sense to invest in. Thank you”. Lisa Thoms;  

2. “Your personal experiences in business and how it relates to the content of the Seminar is very useful and refreshing to hear” Jonathan Warren; Big Step Films
Learnt: “awareness and importance of ‘database’ leads, marketing, advertising & up sell” Marcus Dove;
“Plenty of informative topics covered. All subjects were thought provoking & useful. Very helpful workshop. Thoroughly enjoyed the session”. Lyn Bird; Posh Bird Creations
“You’ve been brilliant. Thank you.” Laura Faith; The Faith Lifestyle.
“Group exercises were fun.” Bill Eaton: Utility Warehouse
“Friendly atmosphere, interesting, very helpful, I would like to come again” Anjelica Allan; McClunky’s Buttermilk Chicken
 Benefit of “Having the time out to focus on my business in a structured environment” Lucy Bassett; Bright & Beautiful
“All aspects were very instructive” Dave Morris; Security Dynamics
“Breaking down the key points of Business. Good to hear that Marketing is an investment” Tiffany Murphy;

11. Learnt: “how to turn leads into profit” Leah Hara; Plymhair Extensions 

12. “Viewing my business from a different perspective, being able to structure and measure KPIs as well as targeting the right clients” Spencer Duligall; Track Digital 

13. “Realising the values of core ideas within business, how to monitor, change, improve and get better results” Jo Lines MD; Novahomes Lettings

14. “The focus of working on myself to be better at working on my business” Colin Worden; Utility Warehouse

15. “Clear, concise and good business concepts shared” Suzanne Hubble; Energie Fitness

16. “Stating the obvious changes that can be made and should be done!” Diana Higgins; Homeworkx

17. “Steers your thinking to positive business ideas and structure” Lynda Downing; L&S Lettings

18. Importance of “having systems in place” & most useful “lead generation & customer conversions” Sharon Lamerton; Plymlegal services

19. “Making me look at my business” Mark Richardson; RSL Tools

20. “Ways to motivate and organise” Bonnie Fiske; AB Construction

21. Importance of “working on your business, goal setting and business planning” Steve Fleming; Plymouth Bowie Technique

22. “Provision of a good insight into planning the future of my business and expectations for the future growth & development” Stephen Jagger; SJ Media

23. “Reminders of how to plan & measure” Debbie Williams; Gambian Projects

24. “A team of people all with the same problems and all wanting to make their lives better” Mairi Wickett CEO; Witt Ltd

25. Importance of “taking a step back to review situation” Peter Beech Marketing Manager; Witt Ltd

26. “Finding out where we are as a business & where we need & want to be” Paul Davenport; Davenport Property Services SW Ltd

27. Learnt the importance of “Planning, Planning, Planning” Karen Walsh; The Buffet Bar & Catering

28. “Thought Provoking/Motivating/Inspiring & given me the kick start i need to implementthe topics covered. Hannah C; Yachting Lawyers

29. “I needed a starting point from where to proceed. This was it…not too techie…it was HUMAN!” Kathy F Curvie Birdie; Golfwear Ltd

30. “It was very beneficial. It gave me lots of ideas. Jonathan is extremely approachable & good trainer” Rafa R; Dreammaker

31. “I have had some great advice on how to run my business & how to involve my team” Sam S

32. “Made me more focussedto give more time to analysing, evaluating & be more strategic in my approach” Rebecca M; Exciting Education

33. “Better planning for our business & for interacting with our employees” Julie C; Pre-Loved Ltd

34. “Offered Clarity: 10 year Plan…empowering my team, ..knowing my figures..creating Standard Operating Procedures & Key Performance Indicators” James B; Crossfit 

35. “Reminds me to look ahead & plan the way clearly” Phil B; Phil Barber Coaching

36. “When we started working with ActionCOACH less than 2 years ago we had no direction, no plan, no profits and wouldn’t have been able to ‘give the business away’. We had the business valued in March 2015 (valuation proof attached……….the business got valued at £4.5M!! That’s what you call a return on investment!! Thanks for everything.” Gary McMillan – The Horizon Group


Some business owners start their journey with immense passion about the work they do, only to get swamped with the day to day activities of running it. They are great at what they do and spend all their time working in their business but are unable to free up the time to focus ON their business. They may even forget why they went into business for themselves in the first place! Life becomes hard, a chore and every day becomes a “Ground-hog Day”. If this rings true with you, I can help.

As a successful business owner myself, with over 30 years management experience in Sales, Marketing, Production, Distribution and Management Development, I am committed to working with business owners, like yourself, to help you and your business achieve your goals. This is achieved by working on the personal development of both you and your team to deliver a higher performance by sharing my knowledge, experience and coaching expertise. Working together as one team, we can create a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you; so instead of working in your business you can work ON it. This will give you back the freedom, options and the work/life balance you expected to have when you started your own business.

If you feel that your business has become just another job or you have lost the spark that got you started as a business owner, get in touch. I can help.

Coaching good businesses to become great is a huge privilege and responsibility for me. Having a Business Coach is a wise commercial move which will give you the edge in the marketplace. All the best athletes, teams and big companies have coaches to help them outperform the competition. Give yourself the same opportunity. Get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you achieve your business & personal goals. Doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result is the definition of insanity. Its time for that change….get in touch….it’s the first positive step to success.”


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